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      <JournalTitle>The Journal of School and University Medicine</JournalTitle>
      <Abstract>Objective: The research was conducted to determine the effect of parents' stress levels related to the COVID-19 pandemic on digital parenting awareness.&#13;
Materials: This descriptive study was conducted between November 2020-January 2021 with 452 parents residing in Turkey whose children attending primary school. The data were collected online with a data collection tool consisting of the PSS and the DPAS.&#13;
Results: It was found that the variables of occupation and number of children of the parents participating in the research are effective on the mean scores of DPAS, while the variables of occupation, age, income perception, adaptation to the pandemic process, time spent with the child and the way the relationship with family members are perceived are effective variables on the mean scores of PSS. It was found that, among the characteristics of using digital tools, while the parent's phone/tablet usage time, the parent's daily phone/tablet usage time, and the child's status of having his/her own tablet were effective on the mean DPAS score; the variables of parents not knowing their children's use of smart phones/tablets for playing games, homework or educational purposes and not knowing the usage for what purpose were effective variables on the mean PSS score. The total mean score of DPAS was determined to be 45.13±9.06, and the mean total score of PSS was determined to be 13.82±2.82.&#13;
Conclusion: As a result of the research, it was determined that the stress levels perceived by the parents had an effect on digital parenting awareness.</Abstract>
      <Keywords>COVID 19, digital parenting, nursing, stress.</Keywords>
        <Abstract>https://www.revista-medicina-scolara.ro/ubijournal-v1copy/journals/abstract.php?article_id=13894&amp;title=THE EFFECT OF PARENTS' STRESS LEVELS RELATED TO THE COVID-19 PANDEMIC ON DIGITAL PARENTING AWARENESS</Abstract>