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Pages: 22-29

Date of Publication: 28-Jan-2018

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Practical concepts on the measurement of visual activity within the EUSCREEN, European project of early detection of vision and hearing impairment in children

Author: Prof. Dr. Cristina Vladutiu, Dr.Simona Sevan, Dr.Oana Teodosescu, Dr. Raluca-Maria Ursu

Category: Medical


EUSCREEN is a 4-year European pilot project designed for implementation of early detection cost-effective programs for vision and hearing disorders in children from middle-income countries in Europe. In Romania, the project aims for the timely detection of amblyopia in children between the ages 4 and 6, in the Cluj County, by means of direct measurement of visual acuity, using age-appropriate methods and standardized tests. In our county visual screening will be performed by doctors and nurses in kindergartens, in urban area, and family doctor’s practices in rural area. For the targeted age group, „tumbling E" eye charts will be used, or the Lea symbols in the event of a poor cooperation. After performing visual acuity measurements, children whose visual acuity values stand below thresholds will be referred to the ophthalmologist for further diagnosis and treatment. The treatment of amblyopia is tailored to the age and level of vision of each patient and aims at achieving maximum visual acuity in both eyes; it comprises prescription of appropriate optical correction, improvement and preservation of the improved visual acuity of the amblyopic eye by occlusion or penalization of the sound eye, and, if required, the surgical treatment in selected cases. In order to acquire accurate results, it is important for the medical staff involved to be trained the correct visual acuity measurement technique and to rigorously apply the method.

Keywords: amblyopia, vision screening, visual acuity, preschool children, visual disorders


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