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      <JournalTitle>The Journal of School and University Medicine</JournalTitle>
      <Volume-Issue>Volume 9, Issue 4</Volume-Issue>
      <Season>October-December 2022</Season>
          <FirstName>Nicoleta Ancuta</FirstName>
      <Abstract>INTRODUCTION: Leptospirosis is an infectious disease, a zoonosis, of bacterial origin and global spread, caused by Leptospira spp, which may have acute or chronic manifestation.&#13;
OBJECTIVES: The present study checks the evolution of a few cases of leptospirosis in students from the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine.&#13;
MATERIAL AND METHOD: For the current study we have used the data recorded in the medical files of students after anamnesis, the objective clinical exam, the epidemiological investigation, establishing the diagnosis of leptospirosis, treatment and monitoring of the case until recovery.&#13;
Establishing the diagnosis of leptospirosis, analysing the initial symptoms, showcasing the complications, studying the epidemiological enquiry, showcasing the role of primary prevention and of keeping with the hygienic norms labour safety.&#13;
RESULTS: The first case of leptospirosis first appeared with general symptomatology three days after coming into contact with the infected animal.&#13;
The epidemiological enquiry after diagnosing the first case of human leptospirosis led to the identification of 80 cases of direct contacts. They were monitored for 21 days at the students’ medical office of the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine.&#13;
The first four cases appeared three days after contact with the infected animal and had general symptomatology (fever, acute asthenia, cephalalgia, myalgia, abdominal discomfort).&#13;
Of the 12 cases confirmed through specific serology testing (IgM specific), one was infected indirectly from another confirmed human case.&#13;
The first diagnosed case presented renal and haematological complications 5 days after infection and 2 days after the beginning of the specific treatment; it needed hospitalisation and the evolution under treatment was favourable.&#13;
All confirmed, probable and possible cases received treatment with antibiotics including 200 mg doxycycline per day for at least 10 days. The evolution under treatment was favourable.&#13;
There were no violent cases or fatalities.&#13;
The confirmed cases did not wear the appropriate safety equipment upon contact with the infected animal.&#13;
CONCLUSIONS: Upon students’ and vets’ contact with a dog earlier diagnosed with leptospirosis, 12 cases of human leptospirosis were confirmed.&#13;
After the epidemiological enquiry, 80 direct contacts were identified. All suspect cases were monitored and handled by the medical staff of the students’ medical office; the cases with specific symptomatology confirmed through IgM specific testing were advised to go to the Clinic of Infectious Diseases in time.&#13;
One diagnosed patient presented haematuria, anuria, renal and haematological complications, but under proper treatment the evolution was favourable.&#13;
There were no violent cases of fatalities.&#13;
Abiding by the labour safety regulations, cleaning and disinfecting measures, as well as interdisciplinary collaboration are essential in preventing and solving cases.</Abstract>
      <Keywords>leptospirosis, students, symptoms of leptospirosis</Keywords>
        <Abstract>https://www.revista-medicina-scolara.ro/ubijournal-v1copy/journals/abstract.php?article_id=14293&amp;title=MONITORING THE OUTBREAK OF LEPTOSPIROSIS AT THE ACADEMIC MEDICAL OFFICE OF THE UNIVERSITY OF AGRICULTURAL SCIENCES AND VETERINARY MEDICINE (USAMV) IN CLUJ-NAPOCA</Abstract>
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