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      <JournalTitle>The Journal of School and University Medicine</JournalTitle>
      <Abstract>PREMISES: Romanian and foreign students of the six Cluj universities are increasing in number, spending five and six years respectively in Cluj Napoca to complete their studies. University medical offices have an important role in providing preventive and curative medical assistance to students aged 18-26 during their study years (bachelor's, master's, doctorate level). The medical staff ensures both the management of acute illness situations, the provision of first aid, primary prevention, health education and the dispensary of chronic diseases.&#13;
OBJECTIVES: evaluation of the activity of university medical units during an academic year&#13;
MATERIAL AND METHOD: the activity report consisted in analyzing and comparing the monthly statistical data completed by the medical staff regarding the activity of the Cluj university medical units during the academic year 2021-2022 (hybrid education, online and on site)&#13;
RESULTS: In the academic year 2021-2022, a number of 24406 consultations were carried out at the medical units, of which 4053 foreign students, 3144 treatments, 24577 triages (4221 triages for accommodation in dormitories and 20356 triages in special epidemiological conditions), 2193 COVID tests, 549 vaccinations, 4478 simple and electronic prescriptions were prescribed, 3576 referral tickets for specialist consultations were issued, 3767 preventive health examinations were carried out, 934 hygienic-sanitary checks were carried out in dormitories and student canteens, 5530 medical certificates were issued; 469 SARS-COV2 positive students were also monitored, of which 418 were detected and confirmed at the student medical units through rapid antigenic tests. The distribution of these activities on student medical units was different considering the type of education (online, hybrid or on site), the specifics of the universities and the number of students enrolled.&#13;
CONCLUSIONS: As it emerges from the evaluation of the activity of medical units, their role is an important and imperative one to ensure preventive and curative medical assistance during the years of study, both in the educational units where the didactic activity is carried out and and in the accommodation spaces. The activity of medical units in the collectives of children and young people is complex, combining hygienic-sanitary, epidemiological, legislative, preventive and curative medicine aspects.</Abstract>
      <Keywords>university medical units, medical services, medical activity evaluation</Keywords>
        <Abstract>https://www.revista-medicina-scolara.ro/ubijournal-v1copy/journals/abstract.php?article_id=14152&amp;title=EVALUATION OF THE ACTIVITY OF THE UNIVERSITY MEDICAL CABINETS FROM CLUJ-NAPOCA</Abstract>