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THE JOURNAL OF SCHOOL AND UNIVERSITY MEDICINE - Volume 7 Issue 1-2, January - June 2020

Pages: 37-41
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Author: Dr. Daniela Rajka, Dr. Kristina Moldovan

Category: Medical


INTRODUCTION: Since the first cases of SARS CoV-2 infection were detected worldwide, each country has implemented various measures to prevent the population from becoming infected with this new virus. In Romania, epidemiological measures were instituted quickly, and the county Public Health Directorates were strengthened, including by delegating medical staff from the school medical offices.

OBJECTIVES: The study follows the way in which the medical staff from the school medical offices took part in the prevention actions against the SARS CoV-2 infection, at national level, from the establishment of the state of emergency, on March 16, until the beginning of May 2020.

MATERIAL AND METHOD: Questionnaires with open-ended questions were distributed online to physicians and nurses across the country. The received responses were statistically analyzed.

RESULTS: Out of the 336 questionnaires received, 324 were considered valid (with answers to all questions), representing 88.52%. Questionnaires were received from 35 counties (69 cities) and Bucharest, 225 of the respondents being nurses and 99 doctors.

Of these, 289 were delegated to the DSP, and 27 took specific actions within the Local Public Authorities. The main activities carried out were: coordination of emergency situations within the County Command Centers (6 people), medical assistance in quarantine centers (91), epidemiological investigations, telephone monitoring of people in isolation at home / quarantine and of their contacts (95), border triage (33), pre-hospital and emergency triage (40), nursing home care (2), sample collection from COVID-19 suspects (8), ISU / DSP hotlines (72), creation of databases and data input in databases (20), dental emergencies (3), community support (22).

CONCLUSIONS: Medical staff from the educational institutions offices participated throughout the country in actions to prevent the population against COVID-19 infection, carrying out important activities, with high risk for health.

Keywords: school medicine, prevention COVID-19


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