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THE JOURNAL OF SCHOOL AND UNIVERSITY MEDICINE - Volume 9, Issue 3, July-September 2022

Pages: 20-23
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Author: Madalina Stetca, Cristina Burlacenco, Andreea Ördög, Nicoleta Tohanean

Category: Medical


Covid-19 disruption has led to a dramatic loss of patients infected with SarsCov2 agent. With a well reviewed vulnerability for the respiratory and cardiovascular systems, studies have expressed concern also for the neurological system. Lately, a number of cases regarding manifestations of central nervous- and peripheral nervous system have been reported, raising awarennes of the high prevalence of prolonged neurological symptoms.

Although affecting a smaller number of patients in comparison to central nervous system, the peripheral nervous system disorders have impacted the quality of patients’s life to a great extent. Infection with SarsCov2 has been connected with the development of several disorders like Guillain -Barre syndrome, or affection of cranial nerves with anosmia and disgeusia being the most encountered. Furthermore, exacerbation of symptoms involving already established disorders like CIDP and Miastenia Gravis have also been revealed. Nonetheless, neurological complications following vaccination against SarsCov2 infection can not be omitted.

Keywords: COVID-19 pandemic, peripheral neurological complications




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